owns and operates the coffeehouse, and is often available on site during the day for in-person inquiries, suggestions, and dialogue. We have a diverse, well-rounded staff of eleven full and part-time employees including a General Manager and a Kitchen Manager that can be approached for questions about our menu offerings and coffee preparation techniques.

Modern Times according to Javier
Javier Rivas’ introduction to the world of coffee came as a result of post-college graduation unemployment. Searching the classifieds of the C-Ville weekly, he found an ad for a coffee roasting job at Shenandoah Joe Coffee Roasters. Throughout his nearly two years of employment at Shenandoah Joe’s, Javier was involved in every aspect of the business; from unloading the 150lb bags of green beans, to taking orders for that day, roasting the beans, bagging them, and finally delivering them to various small shops and restaurants in town in his beat up Nissan Sentra.

After two years in Charlottesville and one in New York, Javier returned to DC, again unemployed and to live with his aunt in Arlington. Turning to the classifieds again, he found a barista job working for Sirius Coffee Co at Politics & Prose Bookstore. His friendship with Adam Hasler began here, as well as his journey as a barista. Eventually wanting to move on to bigger and better things, he joined Adam, and Ryan Wisnor, in exploring the possibility of opening their own coffeehouse. It happened that the space in Politics & Prose was soon to become available. After much preparation and many sleepless nights, they opened as Modern Times Coffeehouse, the day after Sirius closed.

Currently, only Javier remains as the sole member of Coup D’Etat Coffee Co.  His main concern is elevating the quality our products and of the coffee and espresso in the shop, and training a new group of baristi who share his passion for the craft. Going back to roasting still remains one of his goals.  

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